in the million of words written about divorce there have been very few acknowledging the possibility that a great marriage can end in a great divorce. Let me be clear, there is a tremendous amount of suffering and sleepless nights when facing the possibility of ending a relationship to someone who has been an important part of your journey. However, I want to stress that it is possible, my ex husband and i are the living breathing example that it can be done. that divorce for love should not sound like an oxymoron because the same as you married for love you can divorce for love. society needs to begin considerING that the dissolution of a marriage or long term relationship can be a civilized and amicable process that leads to a new partnership where respect and honest communication are the foundations. and finally, that a loving and caring new relationship to your former partner is not only possible but should be an important goal, especially if there are children involved.

we can show future generations how to maintain the love when the contract has expired.

LEt's change the conversation about divorce together, shall we?



many couples who seem to be in an outwardly satisfying marriage have, under that mask of placidity, a layer of resentment and bitterness towards their partner and their life. IN some CASES, THEY FEel THEIR RELATIONSHIP TICKs ALL THE BOXES FOR 'PERFECT MARRIAGE' YET THEIR GOALS AND DREAMS HAve SHIFTED AND THEY are OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH THEIR PARTNER. IT IS MY BELIEF THAT THIS IS THE NATURAL COURSE OF Many RELATIONSHIPS, WHERE AS WE GROW AS INDIVIDUALS WE TEND DRIFT APART FROM THE PERSON WE MARRIED.

AT THIS POINT, MOST OF US WILL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR HANDS TO REALIGN WITH OUR PARTNER AND SAVE THE MARRIAGE BUT IN SOME CASES WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED WHAT I CALL MFS (MARRIAGE FULFILLED SYNDROME); WE HAVE ACHIEVED EVERYTHING OUR UNION WAS MEANT TO CREATE AND WE can NOW TO RELEASE THE CONTRACT. YET, many OF US, instead of accepting it and MOVING FORWARD, WE resign to a bleak future justified by cultural excuses and a fear of the alternative path that society finds unacceptable and labels you as a failure. WE ARE paralyzed by not knowing how to navigate the transition thaT WE know we need to face. 

I want to challenge the myth that the goal of a marriage or a committed long term relationship is to remain together at all costs. TO HELP ERADICATE THE pervasive feeling of RESENTMENT and BEING “trapped” that plagues many of unions and present a new paradigm on how to move away from that unfulfilled state in a positive manner.

I have made it my mission to give you the tools and skills to change the conversation around divorce so you can freely choose how to write the next chapter of your life.



In my OWN journey towards divorce I suffered  because of a social and cultural paradigm that keeps us stuck on staying on relationships even if we are unfulfilled. I fully believe that divorce can be a transformational point in our LIFE and that with the support from our community you can become more empowered thaN you ever envisioned possible. My purpose is to assure that if a couple chooses to end a relationship in the most loving way possible, they will be FULLY supported and never BE left behind or in UNWANTED isolation. 
We have created a series of retreats at some of our most beloved places on earth where transformation can be accelerated. DURING the time you SPENd with us IN THE RETREAT we will ENGAGE WITH profound teachings AND SKILLS that by the time you return home you will be ready to face reality with a much more empowered attitude. If you are being called to join ONE OF OUR retreatS, it is probably because at some point you asked for guidance and help. This is your answer. Let's embark on an adventure together to find the missing pieces and put the puzzle of your relationships and life together. 


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This retreat is curated for anyone who recognizes that their life is too noisy and is feeling a call towards the deep realigning that the simplicity of the Aloha living can offer. Uncomplicated, relaxed and deeply nourishing days in one of the most tropical places in the United States allow us to fully indulge the senses and calm the mind.

JULY 2019

Our intention on this retreat is to create space where you can detox your mind and your body, reconnect to your natural creativity and inspiration and bring your unconscious believes to the surface. Imagine a truly personalized experience where Plant Medicine will rejuvenate your soul and lead you to a space of transformation like you have never been able to access before


Imagine how you will feel after reconnecting to your true authentic self by taking the time to nourish your mind, body, and soul. This trip to Bali is about your mindset, your choices and your ability to change your life. In this retreat you will understand how to create the life you truly desire, you will learn the secret knowledge from Balinese healers to tap into your True Potential for positive change in your life and the world. Join an outstanding group of talented individuals as we navigate what it takes to bring forth the gift that resides within you.