I know how scary it can be having an uncertain financial future and the last thing you might want is to spend money on what seems like a luxury, a Divorce Coach. Yet, you would not consider buying a house without a realtor who has your best interests at heart, a mortgage broker who can negotiate the best terms for you and without an escrow company to ensure that you will receive your funds?

Divorce, being one of the biggest transitions in life, should not be put in the hands of attorneys whose interest might be to keep you litigating until the money runs out. Hiring a Divorce Coach will save you money down the line and more importantly your sanity and relationship with your soon to be ex. A cordial relationship with your ex is not guaranteed but most of the people I have worked with were able to bring even the most combative spouses to the negotiating table with the right mindset to end their divorce in a civilized manner.


This one on one approach is tailored to your individual needs and designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Create a strategy and will help you create the strategy needed to have THE conversations with your spouse, relatives, friends and children. Do not leave this to chance. Every conversation needs to be scripted and rehearsed beforehand.

  • Build your courage muscle to face all the challenges that arise before, during and after a divorce. We are all capable of having the fierce determination to stick to a drama free divorce, but you might need assistance helping you bring out the courage that you doubt you possess.

  • Free your mind from letting your family and societal expectations decide how your divorce will go. You can have control over the process and we will help you ensure nobody else overpowers your decisions

  • Learn tools to step away from your analytical mind and into your intuitive guidance so you can make financial and emotional decisions that you will never regret.

  • Develop communication skills so your needs and desires during your divorce are the first priority in any negotiations. You will also be able to use these skills for your future relationships. Do not repeat the same mistake than in your past relationships.

  • Remove guilt and shame from your divorce by accepting that relationships are fluid and that, despite what society has led us to believe, can have a beginning and an end.

  • Develop the language to face those who might be shaming and judging for your decision. You will learn to differentiate between projections and genuine attempts to help so you will feel less criticized and isolated.

  • Learn specific strategies to negotiate with your soon to be ex and ensure that you both reach a favorable agreement for all parties. We are not taught how to negotiate and this ignorance can cost your financial future and custody satisfaction

  • Create the foundation and plan for a successful co-parenting arrangement that will survive the test of time and any attempts by your ex to undermine your relationship with your kids.


    There is not one answer fits all because each case is different. Depending on what stage you are in - thinking about divorce, starting the process, in the thick of it or struggling post-divorce - you will need more or less sessions. Average time to go from I just had the first conversation to we are ready to file is 5-7 sessions and I have seen amazing results in just 3 sessions so book a Discovery Call and we’ll let you know how we can help you.







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