BALI - Become Financially Independent

November 1-7 / 2019


You have a dream. You want to create a business that can give you the financial independence you can not find in the corporate world or as a stay at home mom. But you also do not have the time to learn everything you need to know to efficiently set up and launch your online business. We have created a once in a lifetime opportunity to make that dream come true.

Join us in paradise for this unique mix of business and pleasure retreat where you will learn up-to-date new skills in digital entrepreneurship and marketing, explore Bali with the most hilarious and trustworthy local guides and connect with other like-minded women who will become your tribe and lifelong friends.

Bali welcomes our group to work with the best online marketing experts to help you go from business idea to launch all within a week. Yes, we are talking getting your branding, Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA), website, social media presence, line of offerings and products and sales strategies all in one week.

We believe in working hard and playing harder. Our days start with complementary meditation and yoga and after our daily business classes workshops we will meet with extraordinary Balinese energy guides, healers, massage therapists, visit the luxurious spas to indulge in body scrubs, go shopping, surfing or anything you want to do to treat yourself.

This retreat is what so many of you have been asking for. A transformational experience to move from being stuck with only a dream of owning your online business to learning and implementing all the steps needed to make it a reality. You will not believe how much you can accomplish in one week when you are guided with classes led by experts teaching you all the practical skills you need to successfully launch your business, ‘get it done’ workshops, Q & A sessions with professionals in the fields of branding, marketing, sales, social media, video and photography, connection with like-minded entrepreneurs and even find you accountability partner to reach the next levels.

We will also have fun with adventures with our hand selected local guides that take us off the beaten path and into the most instagramable spots you can imagine. We will enjoy gourmet dishes in fabulous restaurants overlooking the ocean. We will also have time to heal, relax and tap into the next level of what you want to release, create, and call in. This is what the most successful business minds pay thousands of dollars to join secret masterminds and learn the latest hacks to make 10 x their platforms and income.

We are bringing it to you in one unforgettable week that will change your life forever.  




  • Daily classes – You already know that the online world is the place to have your business but it changes so rapidly that you need up to date knowledge if you are going to make your mark in the noisy environment of online marketing and social media. We will teach you everything you need to design a powerful brand that speaks directly to your Ideal Customer, how to find and target those markets where your clients are, design the physical/digital products or services most profitable for your niche, grow brand awareness through social media that converts into paying clients (we will teach you the latest hacks to grow fast and rank high on Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube), sale strategies that turn visitors to your website into buyers and workflow tips to maximize even 2 hours a day to produce full time results.

  • Personal and group coaching – In the Q & A daily sessions you will have a chance to tackle the individual obstacles to your business. We will implement together what we have learnt in the daily classes. It is one thing to learn how to create a Sales Funnel, it is another to actually make it. We will do it together so you can then replicate the process anytime you need to launch a new product.

  • Daily yoga and meditation – Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced yogi, our daily sessions will have you experiencing inner calm and deep relaxation so you can focus your mind and body for a day packed with learning and adventure.

  • Balinese Welcoming Ceremony: Experience the healing frequencies of Bali, the island of Gods, performed by local priests and healers who are deeply connected to the land and will introduce us to the depth of their culture, their gratitude practices and spiritual beliefs. Pure magic that will deeply move you and help you release any blocks that might be hindering the progress of your biz.

  • Photo Sessions: We are in one of the most instagramable places on earth and we will not miss an opportunity for photo sessions so you have a portfolio of pics for your social media and website. We will teach you how to create photography that connects to your tribe and you will have the opportunity to book professional photoshoots for your media kit.

  • Tech Solving Sessions: We will simplify all those programs that are needed for your business but that you are intimidated by: Squarespace for website creation, Mailerlite for email campaigns, Snapseed and Video apps to edit your pics and videos, Facebook ad manager, Sales funnels software and scripts, Zoom and Slack for workflow and communication with your team and clients.

*Private intuitive healing sessions and reiki sessions available for booking

*Not included is airfare, airport transportation, tipping and extra activities




ingle rooms with Balinese style semi-outdoor private bathrooms are beautifully appointed with your comfort in mind and have appx 20sqm living space.

Fully air-conditioned, mini bar, iPod dock and safety deposit box

deluxe chill.jpg

Deluxe Rooms: Spacious rooms with private bathrooms are beautifully appointed with your comfort in mind. Featuring a queen size bed (2x1.8m), they have appox 25sqm living space and another 25sqm terrace and sun deck out front and feature deluxe queen size beds, full air-conditioning, safety deposit box, mini bar, Jbl iPod docks.