Divorce for Love was created as a place where people who want to divorce without all the drama and negative emotions that generally accompany a divorce, and where you could find the answers and resources to succeed. My team and I can guide you during your divorce process by having personalized phone meetings to create the mindset that will give you permission to live life in your own terms even if society or your own family and friends are denying it.


This program is tailored to your individual needs and designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Have a one on one coach that will help you create a strategy and will help you be accountable to implement the changes needed to move forward

  • Build your courage muscle to face all the challenges that arise before, during and after a divorce

  • Free yourself from following your family and societal expectations that go against your internal instincts

  • Learn tools to step away from your analytical mind and into your intuitive guidance so you can make decisions with ease

  • Create the mindset that will ensure that you have the skills to communicate your needs and desires during your separation or divorce and skills that can be used for your future relationships

  • Help you accept that relationships are fluid and can- despite what society has led us to believe- have a beginning and an end so you can remove guilt and shame from your system

  • Develop the language to face those who might be shaming and judging for your decision. You will learn to differentiate between their projections and their genuine attempts to help so you will feel less criticized and isolated.







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