If you are clear on wanting a drama free divorce and just need some clarity on how to do it, the online course is the best option. Quickly change your mindset about divorce from being “stuck” to finding possibilities and solutions. You can learn at your own pace the tools to effectively communicate how you would like to transition to a new relationship.

The difference between creating the life you want and feeling like life is just happening to you might lie in learning how to ask the right questions and how to program your subconscious to only provide with the most favorable answer. In this course we will teach you how our life is determined by the programs running in our mindsets and how to choose the ones that will assist you in having a drama-free divorce. This course will help you shift from paralysis towards the life you want.

Within this online course you will achieve the following objectives:

  • Have a detailed 10 step strategy to handle all the aspects of your divorce process, from communicating with your spouse to negotiation techniques, even scripts on how to have THE conversation with your children.

  • Become open-minded and creative so you can plan how your next chapter will unfold before the course is finished

  • Complete exercises that will promote progress from the feeling of being ‘stuck’ to profound breakthroughs and solutions.

  • We will work on removing those beliefs that are detrimental and keeping you in the past. We will focus on solutions rather than analyzing 'where did it all go wrong' which typically lead to defensive reactions, conflict and inertia.

  • We will facilitate your divorce process by expanding options and removing any societal judgments that are impeding progress.

We will teach you how to use a wide range of techniques for Inner Work including:

  • Negotiation skills for win-win outcomes

  • Meditations to clear the mind and find answers

  • Visualization to replace fear with courage

  • Intention Setting

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Self-care Rituals

  • Ho'oponopono (Hawaiian healing technique)

  • Conscious Communication

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques












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