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In the millions of words written about divorce, we are constantly told that it will certainly be, along with losing either a loved one or our career, one of the most traumatic experiences of our lifetime. A divorce is undoubtedly a complicated affair and there can be a tremendous amount of suffering and sleepless nights when facing the possibility of ending a relationship with someone who has been an important part of your journey. I want to stress, however, that it is possible to navigate the process in such a way that neither you, your children, nor even your ex will be left traumatized. My divorce is one of the many examples that it can be done, and your divorce could be the same.

Considering that one in two marriages ends up in divorce, the problem we are facing is not that couples divorce but rather how they divorce. No one has ever taught us that there is another option, a less painful way of managing a divorce. I truly believe that instead of a traumatic event, a divorce can be a point of transformation in your life. With personalized help and a supportive community, anyone can successfully navigate the process of divorce and work towards a peaceful resolution.

My purpose is to assure that if an individual chooses to end their marriage, they will have access to the education, the tools and the skills they will need to achieve a trauma free divorce. Our programs will offer examples that support that the dissolution of a marriage can be a civilized process that leads to a new contract with your former partner where respectful communication is the foundation. This is especially important when there are children involved.




How you reach the point that your marriage has ended is not important: maybe it was never the right fit, maybe it was the “perfect marriage” but then the goals shifted and you drifted apart, maybe there was cheating, abuse, or even boredom. When your marriage reaches this stage, many of us do anything we can to realign, forgive, or simply work with our partners to save the marriage. Some people resign to staying in a relationship that does not fulfill them, but they then justify continuing in the marriage for fear of the alternative that society finds unacceptable and labels as a failure.

There is a growing number of people who accept that they have achieved everything they hoped for with their union, all the lessons have been learnt and a new contract with their spouse is now needed to move forward. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them, but you might be paralyzed in not knowing how to manage the transition that you need to face and are looking for help. Here you will find the answers to your questions, the tools to help you choose the divorce you want and the support of a community that knows what you are going through.

We have created several ways to inspire and educate you on how to divorce in such a way so as not to leave you nor your children traumatized for the rest of your life. You can choose what works best for you: our online course to move at your own pace, the course and personalized support, our inner circle community or our retreats that are held at some of the most beautiful locations on earth and that will accelerate your progress in a way you did not think possible.

All our offerings are designed to create the mindset that will help you build resilience, courage and strength while addressing the challenges that may arise before, during and after a divorce. Even more importantly, we do it in a way that is also creative, inspirational, and empowering so you can turn this challenge into a reclamation of the parts you left behind while you were in the partnership.

If you are ready to acquire the tools and skills you need to successfully manage your divorce and confidently write the next chapter of your life, take a look at our offerings and continue the conversation with us in our Facebook group, Instagram and Youtube.